Journal Articles

"Wealth-Destroying Private Property Rights", World Development 107: 1-9. [with P.T. Leeson]
"Testing Rational Choice Theories of Institutional Change", Rationality and Society 30(4): 420-431. [with P.T. Leeson]
"Institutional Solutions to Free-Riding in Peer-to-Peer Networks: A Case Study of Online Pirate Communities", Journal of Institutional Economics 14(5): 901-924.


The Origins and Consequences of Property Rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Under Contract. [with M. Cai, I. Murtazashvili, and J. Murtazashvili].

Book Chapters

Hayek, Neoliberalism, and the Washington Consensus.” [with P.T. Leeson] In R. Candela, ed., A Companion to Friedrich von Hayek. Guatemala City: Universidad Francisco Marroquin, forthcoming

Book Reviews

Andrew Leigh, Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Are Changing Our World. Independent Review 23(4).

Working Papers

“Copyright Legislation and the Superfluous Discovery of Digital Rights Management.”
“Digital Piracy: Penalties and Deterrence.”
“Quasi-legal Property Rights” with I. Murtazashvili and J. Murtazashvili
“Bandits Within the State?” with I. Murtazashvili and J. Murtazashvili
“Legal Titling and Political Violence” with I. Murtazashvili and J. Murtazashvili
“Spontaneous Emergence of Law” with I. Murtazashvili and J. Murtazashvili
“The Road to a Free Economy is Paved with Soft Budget Constraints” with P.T. Leeson.